Dealing with contradictions and relationships of life and nature, chaos and order, the organic and the geometrical, emotional and conceptional: the paintings act as metaphors for life and nature. Five key concepts are employed to all of his paintings:

Depth / Light / Surface / Interval / Space

The concepts stake out a territory between depth and light, and with the exception of surface they designate something immaterial. The first and the last define the goal; the three intermediate refer to the means by which an inner idea might be committed to an outward form of a painting.

The results evoke an aesthetic experience expressing meaning, vision and order. He wants to take you on a metaphysical journey to find an equilibrium that is suggestive, elusive and obsessive. Individual and unique, his paintings exist within their own parameters, personality and experience which are emotive and sensuous. His paintings stand alone and speak for themselves. For more:
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