Exquisite contemporary abstract paintings by Andrew Farquhar provide a unique, nuanced and sensitive visual experience.

So much of the delight that comes from viewing Andrew Farquhar's painting is the awareness of the compelling painting process.The persistent layering of paint in search of that transcendental moment when a painting fully resolves itself.


A professional contemporary abstract painter with over 20 years experience.
Andrew Farquhar executes meticulous, compelling and complex contemporary acrylic on panel paintings through a palimpsestic method. The paintings of Andrew Farquhar provide an experience that unravels, slowly, like history itself.


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The deepest essence of this painting is colour, light and their relationship with the world of experiences. A painting can never offer final solutions. It can only suggest, by posing questions that are formulated to challenge. Secret is the name of the challenge.
It's all there in the recent paintings - smouldering beneath the surface, a slow steady burn: the desire to know, the desire to create quality that will sustain beyond the immediate, the desire to express a pure experience, the desire to find the moment.


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Farquhar Contemporary Creative.

1/7 Northwood Rd,
Taupo, 3330,
New Zealand

Phone Contact

0274 833467


Why purchase a Farquhar painting?

We express our uniqueness as individuals through the quality of our design choices. Here is where the contemporary abstract paintings of Andrew Farquhar will help. Not only can you tell its a genuine quality Farquhar, there can only ever be one!

Farquhar Marque

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