An Introduction to Andrew Farquhar
contemporary abstract painter
1994 - 2007

The following is an attempt to synthesise the thinking and technical development that has taken place in my work since 1994. Four key points have been highlighted to give structure to my thinking, but they are inter-related to make up a complete whole, so should not be seen in isolation. These key points have been formed around the eleven notes on 'Sensual painting' by Nachume Miller (Catalogue, E.M.Donahue Gallery, 1993).
Ref on Miller:en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nachume_Miller

Much of this material focusses on the work from the last two years, but these works are only a stage in the progressive development of my career as a contemporary abstract painter.

Open Interpretations - Artist Profile

Creative Juice April/May 2007

Andrew Farquhar thoroughly enjoys watching paint dry.

Recent paintings description

It's all there in the recent paintings - smouldering beneath the surface, a slow steady burn: the desire to know, the desire to create quality that will sustain beyond the immediate, the desire to express a pure experience, the desire to find the moment.

Through enigmatic use of space, evocative tonal applications, and subtle linear elements, the recent paintings of Andrew Farquhar, continue his investigation of physical and metaphorical space and surface