Code of Ethics

It is Andrew's continual focus of excellence that has resulted in satisfied clients and proud owners of FARQUHAR paintings. The FARQUHAR aim is to be the very best at adhering to your requirements, establishing the correct procedures and results and making sure that you get what you want.

You need to purchase a FARQUHAR painting to appreciate the unique FARQUHAR professionalism and quality of his paintings as well as the superb service he will provide to ensure your satisfaction.

Code of Ethics

  • Andrew will continue to maintain the FARQUHAR painting's quality and with his personal service will not accept taking short-cuts.

  • Andrew will keep clients totally informed throughout the purchasing process so there are no surprises for anyone concerned.

  • Andrew will answer all questions honestly and respect confidentiality.

  • Andrew will completely 100% honour the FARQUHAR privacy policy when receiving and checking all the information supplied to FARQUHAR.

  • Andrew endeavours to be helpful, add value and provide clarification in every communication.

  • Andrew will honour the FARQUHAR guarantee.

  • Should any aspect of FARQUHAR service or paintings give you reason for concern Andrew will provide you with his rationale and reasons for his decisions.

  • Andrew is happy to be held accountable and responsible for all FARQUHAR actions.

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