Process 1
Andrew Farquhar
Process 1
Andrew Farquhar


"Want to see how a painting is produced?"

I often get people enquiring as to how I actually produce some of the results I do. As an exclusive opportunity


available to commissioned paintings, I will provide full photographic evidence of your exclusive painting being produced from start to completion. Have an understanding of the process only a privileged few will ever know

The only means to purchase a painting direct from the Farquhar studio is by commission.

If you:
  • are interested in discussing a commission
  • have viewed a painting that you would be interested in developing a commission around
  • have questions about my work
  • would like to receive an obligation-free quote

Please contact me now.

Original art is both special and personal. It can say many things to many people. To some, owning original art makes a statement about who they are or what they enjoy. To others, owning original art indicates style, taste, class and success. A fine original painting can have great sentimental value and will be passed down through families for generations. In addition to providing years of enjoyment, art can also increase in value.

Andrew Farquhar offers the unique opportunity to purchase exactly the piece you want - not just those pieces that he as the artist has completed and offers for sale. If you are looking for a special painting Andrew can create something specifically crafted for that space you have in mind.

The painting can be something that will work with your selected space, as a gift or for any special reason. All you need to do is choose the exact size, orientation and colour range that meet your requirements.
View paintings by size, orientation or colour. Click now

(please take a look at some paintings on the web-site to give you an idea of what could be commissioned so it aligns with Andrew Farquhar's style).

What does a commissioned painting cost? Find out more